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The Beginning of a Legacy



Chef David Moody began his Culinary journey over 20 years as a dishwasher when he worked at Shipley Grill in Wilmington, Delaware. While a dishwasher, he learned to prepare. He later went on to the pantry side of the kitchen. Chef David has a great respect for his humble beginnings having learned from a Culinary Olympian, Scott Holland. 



He worked at the Christina River Club which was located on Wilmington's riverfront. He began as a line cook. He helped with major ordering, specials and banquets. Today he is the Owner and Executive Chef of 1st Tri Caterers and one of the Head Chefs at the Sheraton Suites located in downtown Wilmington.



Chef David was coached along the way, learning the correct way to use his God given gift. Having learned to prepare chocolate delicacies and other gourmet dishes from scratch, David's love for the art was developed.






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His respect for the industry is evident in the level of integrity maintained at 1st Tri Caterers as Executive Chef and Owner. Chef David believes in presentation. Not just presentation of the dishes served but that of 1st Tri Caterers image. 



He himself was groomed through the opportunities afforded over the years. Aware of his past, Chef David shows his gratitude for his present and future by offering opportunities to others trying to make it. 1st Tri Caterers believes in giving chances to those pursuing redemption from their past mistakes.



Chef David and his wife, Tammy, are committed to establishing 1st Tri Caterers as the Tri-State's Premier Christian Catering business. In years to come, their legacy shall be shared with their son David, Jr. It is their hearts desire to provide a debt free college education to DJ while owning their own restaurant. 



As Executive Chef and Owner, David strives to achieve excellence and support the team of coordinators, cooks and servers aspiring to achieve excellence in their lives and the lives of their families.



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